26.08 — 28.08 2020

Green mode! The deets - from 486,15 KB to 135,84 KB


We’ve removed

  • all images and videos
  • custom fonts
  • and most of the css (we used Tailwind CSS to build y-oslo.com)

We’ve discarded 3rd party libraries such as Mailchimp and plx for animations. Additionally we cleaned up the HTML so tags aren’t refired. You’re not being tracked either - we removed Google Analytics and the Facebook pixel too.


We still run Gatsby and Sanity under the hood. We could have made some additional improvements to size and electricity usage if we hardcoded everything.


Our hosting is not green. Folks like Low Tech Magazine run their website off solar panels. We host the site on Netlify and they have no plans to solar power their hosting (we asked).

At present, we don’t remember that you activated Green Mode from visit to visit, which would be more ideal, to be honest. We’ll work on that - check back to see additional improvements we make.

Do you see any room for improvement? Maybe you can teach us something! Come talk to us at the conference or grab a netlifer and let them know.

… Why isn’t green mode dark?

Yeah we get asked this a bunch even by our colleagues. So the thing is: Dark mode isn’t actually more planet-friendly. Don’t take our word for it, here’s the lowdown.

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